Enterprise Data Toolkit

Test Data Generator, SQL Schema Compare, SQL Data Compare, SQL Intellisense, Database Navigation, SQL Designer, Script Generator, Quick Find, Quick Filter, and a lot more!

Support for SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, and MySQL! Click here for a quick introduction.


 Test Data Generator

Our Test DataGenerator is different. It was designed to map complex Object Oriented relationships from your domain model. But dont take our word, see for yourself!

 SQL Schema Compare

Most schema comparision tools will simply show you the differences between the databases. Ours will actually generate a SQL statement for you to synchronize them.

 SQL Data Compare

Our Data Compare tool is a notch above the rest. It lets you fine tune the comparision line no other tool can. Try it to see the difference.

  SQL Intellisense &        Pretty Printer

Experience the power of SQL Intellisense by eliminating query syntax errors and auto-completing your DML statements.Additionally, format your SQL statements using Pretty Prtinter for improved readability and presentability.

 Database Navigation

Run circles around your tables! Hop between related records using nested structures, and drill into entity relationships with a mere mouse-click.

 Visual SQL Designer

Formulate complex SQL statements without touching the keyboard! Simply Drag, Drop, Visualize, and Build!

 SQL Script Generator

Generate DDL & DML on the fly. Customize the end product anyway you want to.

 SQL Quick/Advanced Find

Your data can run, but it cannot hide -- power search at your fingertips.

 SQL Quick Filter

SQL EDT shows you a filter input on top of each column.
This helps you to quickly isolate items of interest.